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Rognidan – Vikruti Vidgyana


Name Of Teacher: Dr. Kolhe Viren Vishwanathrao
Designation : Reader
Qualification: M.D Rognidan
Department : Rognidan
Date Of Birth: 29/01/1987
Date of Joining: 23/03/2016
Experience : 23/03/2016 To Till Date
MCIM No : I-67315-A
Email.Id : drviren@hotmail.com
Mobile No: 9890433690

Name Of Teacher: Dr.Devanand Rupajirao Pawar
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.D Rognidan
Department : Rognidan
Date Of Birth: 05/04/1991
Date of Joining: 05/04/2022
Experience : 05/04/2022 To Till Date
MCIM No : I-855524-A
Email.Id : pawardevanand87@gmail.com
Mobile No: 9767144745


Rogvigyan and Vikrividnyan deals with the factors which are essential to understand disease process as well as the diagnosis of diseases. It is very much necessary to understand the basic concepts, which are related to manifestation, diagnosis and prognosis of diseases.

Ayurveda is the science of life, hence concerned with prevention and cure of diseases. Since “Nidan Parivarjana” is the first step for prevention, the study of Nidan should be accurate.

Rognidan-Vikrutividnyan is the foundation of all the clinical subjects. The subject helps you to understand in depth the disease (Vyadhi-vidnyanam) & its pathogenesis (Samprapti Vidnyanam), the art & science of the clinical examination methods (Aatur or Rugna Parikshan Vidhi); the signs & symptoms or clinical features of the disease, the required investigations (Vyadhi pariksha vidhi) & the interpretation of their results as well.

Facilities in the Department

 Department is fulfilled by all instruments & Equipment’s which promotes research work conducted by department.

 Pathologycal specimens & Digital charts with schematic diagrams & photographs enriches students knowledge.