Ramrao Patil Ayurved College & Hospital

Shree Baliraja Shikshan Sanstha Someshwar, Sanchalit

Ramrao Patil Ayurved College & Hospital

Purna, Tq. Purna, Dist. Parbhani - 431511 (Maharashtra)

Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana


Name Of Teacher: Dr Bhutada Rajeshri Bhagirath
Designation: Reader
Qualification : M. D Ras Shashtra ( Bk)
Department : Ras Shashtra ( Bk)
Date Of Birth: 03/03/1966
Date of Joining: 01/02/2014
Experience : 01/02/2014 To Till Date
MCIM No : I-20706
Email.Id : infrasunder@gmail.com
Mobile No: 8007722122

Name Of Teacher: Dr. Devane Ashwini Ramrao
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification : M.D Ras Shashtra
Department : Ras Shashtra (BK)
Date Of Birth: 15/08/1990
Date of Joining: 01/10/2020
Experience : 01/10/2020 To Till Date
MCIM No : I- 79928-A
Email.Id : ashwinidevane7@gmail.com
Mobile No: 9075443670


Rasashastra means Ayurvedic Pharmaceutics and as such it deals mainly with the drugs of mineral origin, their varieties, characteristics, processing techniques, properties and their therapeutic uses along with the descriptions of various apparatus, different kinds of furnaces, heating devices and heating schedules.

The pharmaceutical procedure of any drug involve various steps starting from identification and collection of authentic raw material, application of standardized processing techniques and production of quality drug to packing and storage of produced drugs.(eg.churna, vati, gugglu kalpa, siddha tail, ghruta, avaleha.)

Facilities in the Department

 Well designed Musium having enough specimens, samples, models and charts of various size.

 well equipped Laboratory.

 Departmental Library for under graduate and post graduate scholars having 150 books (Ayurvedic & Modern).

 Research lab for quality control.

 Good teaching pharmacy with required equipments.