Ramrao Patil Ayurved College & Hospital

Shree Baliraja Shikshan Sanstha Someshwar, Sanchalit

Ramrao Patil Ayurved College & Hospital

Purna, Tq. Purna, Dist. Parbhani - 431511 (Maharashtra)

Our Vission and Mission


Shri Baliraja Shikshan Sanstha, Someshwar Sanchalit Ramrao Patil Ayurved College, and Hospital is a well-known institute in the Marathawada region of Maharashtra. We are dedicated to providing quality education, training, learning opportunities, health care, and research in the field of Ayurveda. We train students to create a force of qualified physicians that will fill the gap in the Public Health Care of India. Our institute’s vision is to strive for the betterment of Rural India and its healthcare. We are following the vision of our mother institute – “Effort is God!” and we are putting together our efforts to fulfill this vision of Healthy India.

Vision statement


#To establish an institution as a Center of Excellence to provide Health service and Training in the field of ASHTANGA AYURVEDA to serve the society, keeping pace with Modern Medicine and Techniques.

#To engrave professional with profound knowledge of ASHTANGA AYURVEDA supplemented with knowledge of scientific advance in modern medicine along with extensive practical training to become efficient physicians and surgeons fully competent to serve HEALTHCARE domain.

#To be an academic initiation par excellence in the field of Ayurved.

#To provide opportunities to teach, to learn, to innovate, the principles of Ayurveda in the interest of mankind.

#To promote researches in the field of Ayurveda.

#To provide the highest quality education of Ayurved.

Mission statement

To deal with present & future modern-day social health problems with our ancient technique and knowledge of ASHTANGA AYURVEDA supported by study, search, research, development by practicing authentic system and excellent in service.

  • To provide the best quality education & infrastructure to the scholar of AYURVEDA.
  • To promote research activities & validate AYURVEDA transmit modalities.
  • To keep society healthy by following the principles AYURVEDA.
  • To provide high-quality patient care through AYURVEDA science.
  • To transform attitudes, values, and priorities by changing mindset rejuvenating our learners, and infuse positive energy to take the challenges of life.
  • To empower learners by providing the best Medical education coupled with leadership and professional skills.

Core Values

  • In light of Our Trustee’s vision, we believe in imparting Education and disseminating knowledge among youth, which is one of the best ways of nation-building.
  • Give due respect to all students and staff members
  • Gender biases are strictly prohibited.
  • Enhance professionalism with good human values.
  • Promote team spirit and healthy competition.
  • Create a healthy atmosphere for an effective teaching–learning process.
  • Promote creativity and innovation in all activities.
  • Promote equality, integrity, patriotism, and brotherhood.
  • Promote communal harmony and religious tolerance.
  • Value individual differences and dignity of labor.
  • Sharing of experience, knowledge, and skills.

Strategic Goals

The passionate team of DAMC&H after several discussions and planning and guided by the Mission and Vision of the Institutes Quality Policy, Core Values, Stakeholder’s expectations, and SWOC analysis framed the Institutions Strategic Goals.

Institution Strategic Goals:

1. Following an effective teaching-learning process

2. Developing and following leadership and participative management

3. Establishing a continuous Internal Quality Assurance System

4. Ensuring good governance

5. Ensuring student’s development and participation

 6. Ensuring staff development & welfare

7. Developing financial management

8. Encouraging research and development work

9. Increasing internal revenue generation

10. Increasing Alumni Interaction and participation and Outreach activities

11. Engagement in Community Services and Activities

12. Developing physical infrastructure

13. Getting memberships of professional bodies, Local chapters, student’s chapters, etc.